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New album from Chrome Hill out on April 5th

The members of Chrome Hill have toured in 30 countries on four continents and now their first album in five years is finally ready. Country Of Lost Borders will be released on vinyl and CD on April 5th.

- I´m fascinated by barren, abandoned and open landscapes. They ´re not necessarily pretty, but for some reason they really speak to me.

Says Chrome Hill´s songwriter and baritone guitarist Asbjørn Lerheim. The other band members are Jørgen Munkeby (Shining), Roger Arntzen (In The Country, Ballrogg) and Torstein Lofthus (Shining, Elephant 9).

On Country Of Lost Borders, the band´s fourth album, they combine influences from jazz, blues and americana with a warm vintage rock sound, and the result is a stunning 40-minute album.

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Guitarist/songwriter Asbjørn Lerheim has written nine beautiful songs for the new album. The music is strikingly original, and can be described as jazz inspired by americana and noise rock. The album was recorded on analogue tape in Grand Sport Studio, Oslo, giving it a full, warm sound which suits the quartet’s music perfectly. Christian Engfelt engineered the sessions. Special guest Eirik Hegdal plays baritone sax on three of the album’s tracks.

Gloriously rude and sweaty noise (Cadence/USA)
"Homogent sammensurium" (Tønsberg Blad/NORWAY)

CD des Monats (Nordische-Musik/GERMANY)

"Eine wirklich hörerfreundliche Interaktion
" (MusicScan/GERMANY)

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HOATZIN (2005)

The Hoatzin album is a freely, modern jazz album based on an acoustic sound. The title cut points forward to an approach more towards rock and noise. Hoatzin also includes the Paul Motian composition Mumbo Jumbo. The album contains a strong and powerful melodic material, a trademark for composer and guitar player Asbjørn Lerheim. It also includes a live video of the song Pinball, which originally is recorded on Damp´s debut album.

Hoatzin was well received by the critics and the biggest newspapers in Norway says this about the record:
"Melody based modern power jazz" (Dagbladet, Terje Mosnes/NORWAY)

"Modern and potent quartet jazz" (Bergens Tidene, Geir Dahle/NORWAY)

"Rotal original quality" [..] "Damp is among the forefront of the norwegian jazz musicians and bands today" (Puls, Tor Hammerø/NORWAY)







Mostly Harmless (Songs) is the debut album by Damp. The record is nine original songs by Guitarist Asbjørn Lerheim. The compositions varies from modern jazz inspired by the jazz in the sixties, and to more modern material, in the spirit of Bill Frisell and others. The album has a clear focus on quite simple melodic material, well played and interpreted by these four young musicians.

"A good band, good soloists" (Avisa Nordland/Kjell Nordeng/NORWAY)

"Solid integrity" [..] "this album is the foundation of a promising career" (Exact 24/NORWAY)

"En norske kvartets frontfigur er Asbjørn Lerheim, som med sin rene, næsten jomfruelige guitartone skaber intim musik med benene solidt plantet i den fri jazz.
" (Jazz Special/DENMARK)